Tilia Griffin

Tilia Griffin

Exclusively for large/wide format production requirements, tilia Griffin is a cross-platform solution designed to provide simplicity for printing and cutting. Offering the ability to search across millions of combinations in minutes to find the most cost-effective, tightly-nested layouts, it requires minimal training to be up and running…and profitable.

Feature-rich but designed for simplicity, tilia Griffin sports a modern ultra-responsive interface and intuitive design. Under the hood it leverages the power of Tilia Lab’s blazing fast Phoenix Imposition AI engine to help drive down substrate costs and increase throughput. Griffin is vendor neutral and designed to provide the same efficiencies with virtually all printing machines and cutting tables, dynamically creating true-shape tightly-nested layouts, intelligently tailored to the specifications of each individual device.

Available as a standalone desktop app or as an integrated module in leading complementary workflow solutions, such as Enfocus Switch and Fujifilm XMF, Griffin can deliver immediate benefits for any large-format print service provider struggling to meet deadlines or manage costs. It is also available as the award-winning tilia Griffin Pro app downloadable from the Enfocus Switch App Store.


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